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Do I even need therapy?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

If you're considering starting therapy, you aren't alone. In fact, research has shown us that it typically takes an average of one year for a person to engage in therapy, after initially showing interest. But why is this?

For starters, the decision to seek out therapy is unlike any other. Our cars have blinking "Check Engine" lights indicating they need a tune-up and a leaking pipe leaves a growing puddle until the leak is addressed. While these issues seem to present with obvious indicators, our mental health concerns may not be as obvious. Persistent distressing emotions such as anxiety or sadness also indicate a need for maintenance. However, it is common to turn in unhelpful directions when experiencing distress. We may engage in avoidance by throwing ourselves into our work or distracting ourselves with other behaviors. We may even wait for the emotion to pass. And it's true that all emotions dissipate with time; however, we have far more control over our emotions than we may perceive. And this is the first indicator that we may benefit from therapy. If we are having trouble understanding the source of distressing emotions, we need to further refine our emotional intelligence. And while awareness is the first step, it doesn't stop there. We can then work to understand why we are feeling the way we are. We may be feeling less competent in our many roles, less appreciated, or even misunderstood. Working through our emotions and the many thoughts which are leading to these is simply the first step in gaining further insight and truly growing as an individual.

Therapy can help us to enhance our cognitive skillset so that we are better prepared for future stressors. We don't need to identify a "warning" or "leak" within ourselves in order to benefit from therapy. Furthermore, the best time to seek therapy is in preparation for future stressors. If you or someone you know may benefit from speaking with a psychologist, please contact Roswell Psychology now.

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