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Psychological Evaluations

Psychological Assessment

Psychological assessment (often called "psychological testing") informs treatment. All clients (engaging in any form of therapy) begin with a psychological intake; this is a standardized 60-minute session that helps your provider assess your specific needs. 

Psychological assessment is conducted in addition to an intake session to provide more specific information about: intelligence/IQ, achievement, ADHD, and personality.


Dr. Schlairet will meet with you and administer any of the necessary instruments. The content of the specific assessment instruments varies. For example, IQ assessment is unique in that you will complete subtests of a larger instrument (WAIS); these will then provide you with an overall IQ score. Personality assessments typically involve responding to a multiple-choice questionnaire (MMPI). 

After the assessment session(s), your data will be analyzed and prepared in a report by Dr. Schlairet.


On average, psychological assessment can take days to a few weeks. This depends on the specific assessment instruments that fit your needs, the availability of your provider, and the time it takes for data to be analyzed and prepared in a report.


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