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Finding the right therapist can be a challenging process. Without direction, therapy can seem open-ended, abstract, and confusing. And although we may know we want to make personal changes, we might not be aware of the next steps. Therapy is most effective when it is focused on specific, measurable goals. Roswell Psychology was founded with the purpose of simplifying therapy. Therapy ends once you have met your goals and built your own evidence-based psychological repertoire.

Roswell Psychology is an outpatient mental health practice owned and operated by Dr. Timothy J. Schlairet. Dr. Schlairet is a Georgia-licensed clinical psychologist providing both individual and couples therapy. He also conducts psychological assessments in order to best address presenting concerns. He has experience treating depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, relationship issues, and personality disorders. In addition to issues related to life stress and general mental health, Dr. Schlairet has expertise in the treatment of PTSD and trauma-related symptoms, which is a result of his successful completion of a trauma-focused post-doctoral fellowship. Dr. Schlairet is a trained provider in both Cognitive Processing Therapy and Prolonged Exposure. He received his doctorate from Nova Southeastern University and completed both his internship and fellowship in the Orlando VA Healthcare System. While individually tailoring treatment plans, Dr. Schlairet typically utilizes a cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) orientation.

Dr. Schlairet’s focus within therapy is first and foremost on the therapeutic relationship, as it functions as the true agent of change. Research supports this approach as beginning therapy can be difficult; you're being asked to develop a new relationship, with the overall goal of becoming a different version of yourself. Dr. Schlairet understands how difficult this process can be and is here to provide support. If you have any questions about how to take the next step in improving your mental health, reach out to Roswell Psychology today for a complimentary 15-minute consultation. 

Treatment is offered in person and via telehealth. Roswell Psychology is currently accepting new clients.

Dr. Timothy J. Schlairet

Offered both in-person and via online video conferencing using a secure and HIPAA-compliant program.

Offered both in-person and via online video conferencing using a secure and HIPAA-compliant program.

Offered in-person exclusively.

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